About Svane & Lührs 

Svane & Lührs Aps has been contributing to the danish jewelry fashion since 1983 through popular collections such as “it by Svane & Lührs” and “Happy Rings”.

The jewelry are primarily made from precious materials such as silver, gold, pearls or gemstones, but we also work with high quality hide, steel and carbon. The Collections of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and charms are to be found in thousands of danish and foreign jewelry boxes. 

The company was founded in 1983 by Claus Svane. The years before he’d been working in the italian fashion industry. Since 1996 Jewelry designer Pia Lührs has been Participated in running the company, with its own production in Denmark and outsource production to Italy, Germany, India and Thailand.

Svane & Lührs jewelry are traded through goldsmith shops primary in Denmark, Norway and other parts of Europe. Our vision is to sell high quality jewelry to reasonable prices. The owners of Svane & Lührs ApS are the two families Lührs and Skanderby


First in Denmark with new strategy 

Today Svane & Lührs jewelry is sold by goldsmiths, our own webshop and through a network of independant partners.

The model, also known as Network Marketing, means that private individuals purchase jewelry collections at a reduced price and then promote the sale of jewelry through homeparties, events, social media and ear-to-ear as independent partners. The jewelery is delivered directly from Svane & Lührs to the customers, which is secured through the Danish conditions for webshop trading. The independent partner receives the commission of the sale. Independent partners can continuously connect new sellers and get a share every time they sell.

The model is widespread with other products. Tupperware is probably one of the brands we all know best as any of the first with homeparty sales but we are the first in Denmark to do it with genuine jewelry. It's a way to cut the middleman away and instead use the passion for jewelry from independent partners as the engine for sale. We also allow our partners to influence design and product range. The challenge in the model may be in heavy administration, but our new IT system gives us a solid foundation. See more at partner.svane-luhrs.dk